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Digital Marketing Agency In KL Malaysia – Q & A


Why Choose A Right Digital Marketing Agency In KL Malaysia Is Important ?

Anyone can easily claim they are professional digital marketing agency in KL, Malaysia, as long as they have some knowledge on how to promote a business online. However, there are too many so called “Digital marketing agency” in Malaysia , regardless of freelancer or established firm, doesn’t has the solid experiences on digital marketing. Most of them are merely know some tactics on how to promote a business through facebook or Google Ads, that’s all !


Does The Digital Marketing Agency Has Proven Track Record ?

Track Record is important. If you are engaging a digital marketing agency, you should ask the digital marketing agency that any similar industry / products /client they did before ? What is the result ? Does the client still engage with you ? if not ? why not ? Could the digital marketing agency provides you the contact person as references etc…  This could helps to know whether the digital marketing agency is over-promised or not


Does The Digital Marketing Agency Understand Your Industry ?

Every industry is different. A successful digital marketing case in other industry cannot 100% guarantee will get the same good result in your industry. So it is important that the Digital Marketing Agency know your industry well, giving some useful industry related information, and have ideas to increase user experiences for your industry products/services.


What Should the Digital Marketing Agency Know ?

One of the most important element for digital marketing is “user experiences”. A good digital marketing agency in Malaysia shall able to guide you how to make your products or services to have “better user experiences”.



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