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Diploma Course Kuala Lumpur

Erican College is an award-winning comprehensive education provider that offer quality yet affordable diploma course in Kuala Lumpur. Since its establishment in 1990, Erican Education Group has helped more than 200,000 students to obtain tertiary qualifications, language or life skills. Today, Erican College offers a comprehensive diploma courses to meet the demands of the modern competitive business world. Our diploma courses produce graduates who are well-equipped with the necessary skills to make them desirable and essential by the employers of their respective industries


Below are some of the courses offer by Erican College :

Our accounting course Kuala Lumpur provides students with a rigorous curriculum designed to equip them with the relevant contemporary knowledge and practical skills in accounting to help organizations make correct decisions. Students will acquire skills that are relevant to dealing with the complex and challenging international business environments. Upon graduation, they will be able to pursue further professional accounting qualifications with ACCA, CIMA, CPA, CFA, RFP, CTIM, ICAEW, MIA, MICPA, among others.


OurĀ Psychology course Kuala Lumpur is designed to equip students with knowledge and understanding in psychology at elementary level. Students will be trained to think critically and develop their analytical skills in preparation for their future careers in the field of psychology. It is meant to prepare students to function effectively as a technical assistant in various works settings such as psychology laboratories, childcare centers, homes for aged, welfare agencies and many more.


Our interior design course Kuala Lumpur is designed to equip students with practical and theoretical knowledge with awareness of the social, environmental and industrial implications. Our module offers the highest level of visual and computer literacy in CAD, technical drawing skills and the latest 3D modeling software. It embarks on the enrichment journey through the development of design, conceptual creativity, theory and philosophy of spaces to create exciting and practical environments in which people live, work and play.


For more information of other diploma courses in Kuala Lumpur, please visit https://college.erican.edu.my/